Day of Action


The Lib Dems have announced that Saturday 9th February will be a National Day of Action on Fairer Tax.

Lib Dem campaigners across the country will be taking to the streets to talk to people, deliver leaflets and gather petition signatures for Fairer Tax.

They'll be joined by Nick Clegg and many other Liberal Democrat Ministers and senior figures.

On 1st April, over £20million will be paying £600 less in income tax thanks to the Lib Dems. But we want to get more support to get the Chancellor to announce a further tax cut for ordinary people in the budget in March.

Click here to take part in the Day of Action.

If you'd like to host a Day of Action event, click here.

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What the use in giving people £600 over the year, when there is no jobs out there, in leicester, there is no jobs, so, how can you give people £10,000 Tax free income without jobs, and whats so far about charging people 80p Tax on there petrol, to me thats just day light robbery, this country and this rip off government are a bunch of day light robbery merchant,
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Surely the Lib Dems have influence over the Chancellor – I thought as an effective partner in the coalition Government their views are listened to?
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‘£20million will be paying £600’, translated into ‘over 20 million people will be paying £600’, still makes no difference to the daylight robbery, lies and deceit this government love so much. Fairer tax? less tax for the poor, no more pointless ‘money saving cuts’, and tax the rich a FAIR amount, what sense does it make to cut income tax by £600 a year? Oh right, of course, it’s another bit of deception: by leading us to think we get less taxes we turn a blind eye to the fact the rich become richer?

Also, just for the record this above says £600, I’ve seen on this very website statements suggesting a £700 cut, is this not proof enough of the lies this government try to spin to us?
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Do you mean “over 20 million people”?
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