Everyone should pay their fair share

What's the problem?

We believe that everyone should pay their fair share of tax. Unfortunately, it's too easy for the super-rich to dodge paying what they should. By employing expensive accountants they can use loopholes not available to ordinary working people. It's possible for a billionaire to live in the UK and pay almost no tax at all. 

What do we want to do about it?

All we want is for everyone to pay their fair share, so we're campaigning for the introduction of a "mansion tax" on property worth over £2million. This tax would effect only 0.5 % of properties but would raise nearly £2billion a year. 

This would be much harder for the super-rich to dodge. After all, you can't hide a house offshore.

Why do we need your help?

The super-rich are super-powerful, and they're fighting back hard. The are no shortage of politicians who'll tell you that a mansion tax won't work. We disagree, and the more people who stand with us, the louder we can shout.

If you believe the super-rich should pay their fair share of tax, add your name.

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Sign the petition: Make the super-rich pay their fair share. @fairertax
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This sounds like a reasonable tax, but I would like significantly more information especially as to what type of property would be liable for this tax, personal, business, charity etc alongside other details such as rates etc,
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I have to pay taxes on the little income I am still able to earn. If as Mr Cameron says we are all in this together I would be delighted if the wealthy joined me and paid a fair share via a mansion tax.
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I’m all for everyone paying their fair share!
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