Nick Clegg calls for wealth tax

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has called for a new wealth tax to be paid by the very richest. Speaking at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton, Nick made clear that introducing a "mansion tax" was a Lib Dem priority, but that he had not yet convinced his Conservative coalition partners.

You can see Nick's interview with Andrew Marr here, and if you agree with Nick that the super-rich should pay their fair share, add your name to our campaign now.



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commented 2013-11-23 14:33:45 +0000 · Flag
Over the past 30years house prices in some parts of London have increased 20 fold, some people through no fault of their own, quite likely retired and many unable to buy their homes at current prices would be faced with the mansion tax. The only way they could pay it would be to remortgage or sell their home how can this be fair.
commented 2013-02-06 19:18:25 +0000 · Flag
well in my opinion if the goverment want to help familys they need to stop messing around and realise that if familys are going to get six hundred pounds more a year its just not going to help at all.
and here is why most young and not so young familys are in rented housing because of high house prices and not being able to get a deposit together.being trapped in this until there family falls apart and benefits pick up the mess.
The route cause is that landlord owning many houses when familys cant even get one so that is why the goverment should introduce a landlord tax any more than say three rented houses per person and the tax should be say60% and in turn then houses would be sold and then prices would reduce helping familys and in turn spreading wealth more fairly around.
or even Mr clegg
commented 2012-10-15 20:23:11 +0100 · Flag
Here’s how I just responded to the mailing by Vince Cable:


Whilst you are correct in pointing out that taxing the wealthy more is indeed a popular idea I also get the impression the vast majoriy of its supporters won’t trust the LibDems again after the student loan turnaround and the last budget being seen (erroneously in my opinion) as rewarding the rich and penalising the poor.

I think the LibDems should leave the politics of envy to Labour and appeal instead to the reasoning public. Whilst in one sense a ‘mansion tax’ would be a step towards LVT, the way you’re selling it is I believe mistaken. It is being sold as a means of obtaining more from the rich, rather than as a means of shifting taxation from earnings to wealth. It is being sold as a means of increasing taxation rather than with the promise of an equivalent reduction in income tax.

Perpetuating the idea that what someone morally ‘owes’ the public purse should at worst be proportional to their overall wealth, as against the wealth they hold in land, makes it more difficult to sell the idea that we can let go of the need to tax money and trading no matter how wealthy people are if we can get what we need in taxation through land value.

The ideas and work of some in the party have inspired me to join, and to participate in what is going on. However, I will neither campagn nor even vote for the LibDems until the ‘persecution of the rich’ banner has been handed back to its rightful owners, the Labour Party!



PS. It is also why I haven’t and won’t sign this petition.
commented 2012-09-25 11:43:02 +0100 · Flag
I am not a Libdem supporter as yet but I am very interested to know more about the `Mansion Tax` It seems to me to be rather vague and should be explained in more detail. Many of the Big overpaid Fat Cat at the top do not live in Mansions they prefer penthouse pads at the top of yuppy apartment blocks, Will they then be exempt from paying this fairer tax?
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