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In these tough times, we believe that everyone should pay their fair share of tax. That's what the Fairer Tax campaign is all about, and there are two things we want to do.

Make the super-rich pay their fair share

Currently it's too easy for the super-rich to dodge paying their fair share of tax. We're campaigning to close these loopholes and introduce a new "mansion tax" on the value of homes over £2m. This would affect less than 0.1% of the population but would raise nearly £2bn.

Lower taxes for the average worker

By raising the level at which you start paying tax, we can deliver a tax cut worth nearly £500 to every average worker in the country, and make sure that everyone's hard work is fairly rewarded.

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commented 2013-03-30 16:59:40 +0000 · Flag
Steffon has my every sympathy. There was a time when I was a LibDem activist (back in the 80s) and stood as a DC election candidate such was my disgust and anger with Thatcher and I’ve voted LibDem ever since. Not any more! This once principled party is now firmly on its way to extinction after its disastrous collaboration with the very party I fought so hard against! We don’t hear much about Lib Dem voters changing their allegiance to UKIP. You have now – that’s the only party worth my vote and they’re getting it. The UK needs civil disorder like a hole in the head, but it does need a political earthquake and I would dearly love to see the 3 parties I’ve lived with all my life blown away at the ballot box. They’ve collectively been stitching us all up for decades with their pretence at being democratic. The 3 party farce has FAILED the British people (no more so than by drifting us into the EU, referendum-free) and this country desperately needs new ideas, new parties and a new democratic order. Today’s young people deserve nothing less – the dozy idiots currently running government will find out the hard way if they don’t do something to get this country out of the doldrums, out of the stinking EU, and back on its feet with people in charge who have guts (just for a change). They have to deliver real democracy. real individual liberty and let’s get our national pride back never mind fiddling about with silly niche tax ideas and wrecking the benefits system.
commented 2013-03-30 12:11:02 +0000 · Flag
Thanks to you my life just got impossibly harder. I’m self-employed and still waiting for my working tax credits after 5 months, my private rent is going up by 30%, and my LHA has dropped (so I’ll be homeless in 2 weeks).

Workfare, Bedroom subsidy, council tax benefit axed, LHA way out of step with private rents…

And you think raising the tax threshold is going to help? This party is filled with spineless lunatics and not only will I never vote LD again (I supported you up until the benefit reforms when others were shouting you down), but I hope the upcoming civil revolt washes you all away.
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commented 2012-11-23 12:26:20 +0000 · Flag
I have just filled out the survey but still won’t sign the petition. The focus is simply in the wrong place. I’m bored with finger-pointing at multinationals and ‘the rich’. The survey page has the slogan ‘TAX – shouldn’t we all be playing by the same rules?’ Tax evasion is not playing by the rules, tax avoidance is just paying what the law requires. Politicians preaching morality on this matter is laughable!

If the result is ‘unjust’ then it’s the rules that are to blame. And it’s not just a matter of making things more and more complicated to close ‘loop holes’. Think of this:
If the bulk or all tax was charged on land not income/profit then each Starbucks outlet and each Amazon warehouse would be paying the same as the SME next door. You really want a level playing field? There it is! ‘Fair’ is more than just wanting those better off then us to pay more. Leave the politics of envy to Labour. Land Value Tax is part of the Liberal heritage. How come hardly anybody’s talking about the solution that’s staring us in the face?
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The campaign for fairer tax needs your support. @fairertax via @fairertax
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commented 2012-11-04 10:37:04 +0000 · Flag
Good work here, though some people seem to have forgotten that Vince Cable doesn’t actually have complete power over the UK tax system.

My view is that our tax system should be simple, progressive, and integrated with benefits.

Simple: Keeping the tax system simple means that it is more predictable. People can work out their tax on the back of an envelope and act with the benefit of this knowledge. Making the tax system simpler reduces barriers to work and makes tax avoidance more difficult: loopholes are complications, get rid of them. Too many governments have fiddled with the tax system to make it appear more politically acceptable than it actually is.

Progressive: Take the working poor out of tax (like the raising of the personal allowance. Good job) and get the rich to pay their share. The most successful societies are those without huge discrepancies between rich and poor, and this is a good step in this direction. The Milibands may have their living wage, but if those on the living wage are still taxed, then this only serves to use employee-taxpayers as a tax conduit between companies and the state. There are simpler ways to do this.

Integrated: Ideally there should only be one benefit means tested by income, and it should be integrated with income tax in such a way that there is never a disincentive to work.

Good luck with the campaign and, when the opportunity presents itself, bloody some Tory noses for us.
commented 2012-10-31 00:48:31 +0000 · Flag
Are you aware you are now in Government – you appear to be campaigning to convince yourselves. The GAAR to stop avoidance is ready, country by country profit reporting stopping transfer price fraud is ready, extra powers and staff for HMRC could end quickly. Stop building websites and govern!
Ps. The change in tax allowance has no effect on the lowest paid as they don’t earn enough and very little effect for minimum wage workers. They also have the highest total tax burden 38.7% just not in income tax. Some fairness for them would be good too – your Governments VAT rise was particularly unfair to the low paid.
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The campaign for fairer tax needs your support. @fairertax via @fairertax
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@hmrc_taxthieves you can find out more about the campaign here:
commented 2012-09-24 11:22:55 +0100 · Flag
Its seem very easy to hit the hard working people of this country but always impossible or difficult when it comes to corporate tax evasion.

I think people in this country would be happier if you spent less time pussy footing around on daft ideas like “Mansion Taxes” and went after the likes of Boots The Chemist who have moved their head office to a broom cupboard in Switzerland to avoid UK Corporate tax or Philip Green who does not actually own any of the Arcadia group that he spends every day running. Instead, it is in the name of his wife who has not done a single day’s work for the company. Mrs Green lives in Monaco, where she pays not a penny of income tax.

…. and of course Vodaphone, who can let off a £6Billion tax bill by merely taking the Head of HMRC to dinner!

The Conservatives may be opposed to what you’re proposing… but they aren’t listening are they?… and that is exactly why people in this country think you are spineless and ineffective in this partnership/merger with the Tory Government. You are merely puppets of the Tories and hopelessly out of your depth… you’ve done absolutely nothing in this coalition… nothing.

… and for that, you will be held accountable at the next election… you will be wiped from the political landscape for generations to come.
commented 2012-09-23 20:40:11 +0100 · Flag

If only it were that easy.

As Nick said, the Conservatives are opposed to what we’re proposing, we need to convince them!
commented 2012-09-23 13:55:59 +0100 · Flag
Hold on a minute…. The Liberal Democrats Campaign for Fairer Tax??

Why is this a “campaign”… are you NOT in power with the Tory Freemasons?… are you not in a position to implement a fairer tax system?… can you or can you not make the likes of “Sir” Philip Green, Vodaphone, Boot The Chemists, RBS, Barclays, Tesco’s pay the tax that they OWE?

You are not in opposition anymore… you are in power….
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